Popcorn & pretzel elf mix

Combine salty popcorn, pretzels, sweet marshmallows, chocolate and tangy dried cranberries to make the perfect Christmas movie snack

Serves 4-6


100g white chocolate, broken into small pieces
75g salted popcorn (or sweet, if you prefer)
50g cereal hoops
50g dried cranberries or cherries
1tbsp red, white and green sprinkles, or a festive mixture
80g pretzels
50g red and green sugar-coated chocolate sweets
50g mini marshmallows (vegetarian, if needed)


Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water, ensuring the bowl doesn’t touch the water, or in short bursts in the microwave, stirring regularly.

Spread the popcorn, cereal and cranberries over a baking tray and drizzle over the melted white chocolate. Use two spoons to gently mix everything together, then scatter over the festive sprinkles. Leave in a cool place to set for 1-2 hrs.

Break up the popcorn and cereal mixture and toss in a big bowl with the pretzels, sweets and marshmallows. Enjoy now or transfer to large jars to give as a gift. Will keep in a sealed jar or other airtight container for up to two weeks.